Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Slice #31- Awards

We discussed in class that a sort of award needs to be presented to the Slicers of 6C, Period 7/8. Kinda like a a Oscar. So I took the liberty and decided to do them myself. Enjoy!

Adrian- An Oscar for most diverse slices

Anna D- An Oscar for the most poetic slices

Anna G- Joint winner for an Oscar for awesome stories

Brooke- Joint winner for an Oscar for awesome stories

Caitlin- An Oscar for the saddest poems

Celes- An Oscar for most consistent stories (they're all equally good)

Celine- An Oscar for most reflective slices (you start to think about what she just wrote)

Daniel- An Oscar for best poem on Music

Dyna- An Oscar for most relatable slices

Emily- An Oscar for best Spider poem

Eva W- An Oscar for most motivational slices

Faliq- An Oscar for nicest food poem (It makes me hungry)

Kevin- An Oscar for most down to earth posts

Mary- An Oscar for weirdest story (still funny though)

Piper - An Oscar for most creative way to describe friends

Shuang Shuang- An Oscar for the best Tissue Box poem

Thian- An Oscar for nicest gratitude letter (because it was meant for me :)

Ttmouz- An Oscar for coolest What's in my bag poem

Zuhayr- An Oscar for most consistent blogger (he did a slice everyday)

These awards conclude the gruelling but fun challenge that was the SOL challenge. I wish luck to next year's 6th graders.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Slice #30 - A guide for the Slice of Life

I admit, writing for the Slice of Life was a long daunting task. Sometimes you just want to punch the slice of Life challenge in the face or you're fine with it. Here is a guide on how to ace this Challenge.
(Future 6th graders, read this)

What to write about?

1. Tiny Stories on anything

2. Ode (thanks) to every day objects

3. How your day was

4. Explode a moment

5. Give your opinion about a subject/ movie/book

6. Describe the weather

7. Tell us about yourself

8. Lists, Lists and more lists (Trust me you'll be doing this one quite a bit)

9. Tell us about what your favourite book/song/poem

10.  Describe your most embarrassing moment

Or just ask your teacher for Ideas

Helpful tips

1. Keep it simple (It doesn't always need to be an essay)

2. When you don't feel like doing your SOL just make a list

3. Keep persevering (your teacher shall appreciate it)

4. Write about what's on your mind

5. Don't take to long to plan your piece out

With these tips the SOL challenge shall become a walk in the park.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slice #29- Formula 1

Cars sped passed me omitting smoke, the sun was beating down on my neck, sweat seemed to be everywhere. That's Formula 1!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Slice #28: One long Riddle

A Japanese cruise ship was sailing around the world. The captain decided to take a shower, leaving his expensive watch on the table of his cabin. When he got back the watch was stolen. He had three main suspects. The cook, the engineer and the stewardess. The captain then started to ask his suspects on what they were doing during his shower. The cook denies that he stole the watch saying that he was preparing for the banquet that was tonight. The engineer also denies that he stole the watch saying that he was fixing the flag since it was upside down. The stewardess also typically denies that she stole the watch explaining that she was assisting the passengers on board.

Who stole the watch? 

A) The cook
B) The engineer
C) The stewardess

Friday, March 27, 2015

Slice #27: Tiny Story

I froze in terror. I knew I had to do something. CPR, mouth to mouth. It just wouldn't revive. Then it dawned me, it died. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Slice #26: My Goals for Spring Break

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I want Spring Break
And so do you

There are some things that I long for in the Spring Break. Here is a set of goals I'd like to set during that time.

1) Sleep longer than 10 hours

I can't stress enough on the fact that I have huge teabags dangling from the bottom of my eyes every time I go to school. This happens because I don't get more than 10 hours of sleep, so that needs to be fixed.

2) To embrace my PS4

I have been neglecting him for sometime because I got no time. I'm not happy about, he's not happy about it. PS4 here I come. :)

3) Play some hardcore Jazz

I'm going to use this time to practice on my Saxophone and become a "professional" Jazz musician.

4) To nail the SOL challenge

I can't wait for time I can prance around the streets yelling " I've finished, I've finished!" Maybe try and find a shirt saying "I've survived the SOL challenge"

5) Read, Read, Read

I'm hoping to finish two books by the end of the spring break. The length has to be from a 100 pages to as much as I want.

With these as my goals for the Spring Break, I won't have a uneventful one as I'm staying here in Malaysia for it. If all these challenges and goals are met and I can pat myself on the back for the rest of the school year.

What are your goals?
Comment below?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Slice #25: Procrastination Tiny Story

I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to do to distract me from doing something that I actually need to do but don't want to do. "Shoot, I caught Procrastination," echoes through my mind.